"I really enjoyed my Maternity Reflexology sessions, so much so I came back for more in my second pregnancy"

Sue - Maternity Reflexology client Derby

"I really appreciated my one to one Post natal Pilates sessions, I felt stronger and more toned very quickly"

 Mrs B Post natal Pilates client Derby

"I had diastasis following the birth of my second child, despite lots of exercise I still had a noticeable "mummy tummy". Lesley taught me a few simple daily pilates exercises and this combined with attendance at her class made a huge difference in just a couple of months. Thank you Lesley!"

Emma one to one client and class attendee.

"I love Pilates, every week a time to relax and invest in me. I have toned up, my posture has improved........ all this and its still fun."

Heather - Pilates matwork class in Derby

"I thoroughly recommend Lesley as a Pilates instructor. She carefully tailors the class to meet the individual needs of the people in the class and ensuring that everyone is doing the exercises correctly.Before I joined the class I suffered from considerable back pain, not only has this practically disapppeared now, but I have built up muscles and strength I never knew I possessed"

Heidi - Pilates matwork class in Derby

"My Pilates has kept me going. Its so adaptable, so most people can benefit from doing the classs.The added bonus is you meet great people and laugh- alot !. After some surgery it was Pilates that got me going again."

Ann - Pilates matwork class in Derby