Diamond Pilates

1 in 3 women have a problem with their pelvic floor at some point in their lives. Specialist Diamond Pilates is really beneficial  post natally, as we get older, during the menopause or specific to lifestyle eg repetitive lifting or high impact sport.

The benefits of Diamond Pilates at Bodywise Derby

1 in 3 women experience some pelvic floor symptoms, it is really common, but its NOT  normal and there is alot you can learn and do to improve your situation.

Lesley Moran has completed her Diamond Pilates training which has enhanced her knowledge of pelvic floor conditions and how pilates can support recovery. She has also developed links with local specialist Physiotherapists to support women further and help them deal positively with the difficulties they are experiencing.

Diamond Pilates is great for post natal women to strengthen the core and floor  ,but also for women of any age who are suffering with pelvic floor weakness and symptoms. It really can help you feel;

  • Less worried and more confident to engage fully in your daily activities
  • Stronger, fitter, better, more confident
  • More in control, doing something positive to improve your health and symptoms
  • Develop your knowledge and understanding of how the pelvic floor and core work  in a supportive / relaxed environment.
  • Longer term health benefits such as greater ease of movement, strength with flexibility and calmer in mind?
  • Less pre occupied with toilets !


There will be 3 ways to start you Diamond pelvic floor pilates with Bodywise Derby:

Option one: Individual sessions - CORE AND FLOOR

Individual Appointments for Diamond Pilates. Learn all the skills you need at your own pace with individual attention.

Three sessions plus a follow up session after 3 months £180. 

Great to plan around any specific injuries and issues you have, with individual time to talk about any concerns you may have and go at your own pace.

This will include education about the pelvic floor , what it does , what can happen when there is weakness and what you can do about it, including pelvic floor muscle training.

All this but also ; how Pilates benefits the pelvic floor, the fundamental principles of the method and beginners exercises.

So you'll be well prepared and confident to join a class to develop  your strength and confidence further and reduce your symptoms.

Option two: Group sessions CORE AND FLOOR

A 5 week group course plus a follow up class at 3 months- £95.

This  will incorporate pelvic floor health education , pelvic floor muscle training and an introduction to Pilates exercises to strengthen your core and floor in a small supportive group.

Following options  1 and 2,you will be able to join regular pilates classes with Bodywise Derby should you wish to continue, when places become available.

New Dates

To be arranged please contact me for further details.

Option 3:

Diamond Pilates  Workshop

One Diamond Pilates workshop 10am until 12.30 on a Saturday morning with a follow up class at 3 months £65. This will focus specifically on the pelvic floor health and education only.

Should you wish to learn more about and continue Pilates, you would then be welcome to join a beginners Pilates workshop or attend individual sessions to learn more about fundamental principles and techniques in pilates and more about your core muscles.

Beginners Pilates workshops are £45

Talking is good! and you may find that some of your friends are experiencing similar symptoms and will be understanding and supportive. why not join Diamond Pilates together?