Skin care

Temple Spa Science Led Skin Care


Science led skin care inspired by the Mediterranean

Lets keep it simple;

1. Think about your skin; is it dry/oily/ combination ?

2. Do you have any specific issues you'd like to resolve? or benefits you'd like to achieve; Redness, sensitivity, lack of vitality , age or sun spots?, better sun protection for your skin


Maybe you want better sleep, stress relief, self care, more glowing and hydrated skin?

3. Think about your lifestyle and routine; time available am and pm, time outdoors, make up, stress ?

Then we can start to build a simple routine with gorgeous, natural skin care products that work for for you.


This ethical British company has sound product values and sustainability at the heart of their business check them out for yourself


Temple Spa produce high quality skin care and well being products, so do get in touch if you would like to try anything and I can help you get the best products for you at the best price