Pilates Classes and Rehabilitation

The Pilates method was developed by Joseph Pilates in the 1940s. It is a unique and versatile method of exercise aimed to improve body awareness, posture, strength and flexibility.  The original Classical exercises devised by Joseph Pilates are still valued today and are graded or adapted to suit the client.

A general matwork class involves a maximum of 15 clients, to enable some individual attention and guidance to be provided within the class environment. Small equipment such as soft balls, bands, foam rollers are also sometimes used in class and often a short relaxation exercise is included.

What are the benefits of Pilates Classes?

Pilates classes with Bodywise Derby help you to;

  • Develop your  strength, flexibility and ease of movement.
  • Improve your posture and joint alignment.
  • Tone your core/ postural muscles to support the spine.
  • Gain focus, relaxation, stress relief and a calm mind.
  • Prevent injury or rehabilitate following injury.
  • Improve your balance and co ordination.
  • Improve your breathing and breath control.
  • Commit to long term health/ movement benefits in a supportive environment, with experienced, well qualified teachers.

We have Pilates classes running at Littleover Methodist Church, we also have online Pilates options, to enable you to do more classes a week!



Starting Pilates classes with Bodywise Derby

Prior to joining a class you will need to do one of the following:

  • A beginners workshop - The investment is £35 please do e mail for next available dates


  • Have a one to one session with either Serena or Lesley Bodywise Pilates Derby  £45

This really is to enable you to get the best out of Pilates and develop your confidence by learning the fundamental principles : what the core muscles are and how to start using them effectively during a class.

This also enables us to assess you properly and consider any injuries, conditions, postural needs or specific goals you may have .

This may seem long winded but really does make a massive difference to maximise the benefits of the method  in a class environment.

Pilates for Rehabilitation

One to one Pilates with Bodywise Derby

Individual Pilates sessions allow a more detailed assessment of your rehabilitation and Pilates exercise needs, specifically for your lifestyle, sports and activities of daily living.

It may be that you have a condition such as Arthritis, back pain or a Neurological condition  which requires an individual assessment and Pilates programme.

Lesley Moran has substantial experience working with people with Neurological conditions and has done additional training in Neurological Pilates 


 You may be recovering from illness/ injury and also require a bespoke programmes to meet you needs. 

Alternatively, you may feel that you would like to start your Pilates journey by gaining the benefits of one to one, to build on your strength and confidence prior to joining a matwork class.


 £45 for initial one  hour assessment and pay as you go.

Following the initial session either pay as you go or

3 sessions £129

5 sessions £205

Home exercises will be agreed for you to work on in between sessions.

Kindly note:

Reflexology and Pilates are not substitutes for medical treatment , if following a discussion/ initial assessment it is felt that a referral to a practitioner such as your GP, Midwife or Physiotherapist is required, then this must be done prior to commencement of your Reflexology or Pilates sessions with Bodywise Derby.