Pre & Post Natal Postnatal Pilates

Pre and post natal pilates provides positive skills for pregnancy , birth and life with your new baby.

Pre natal

The benefits of pre natal pilates can be best experienced with individual attention through  one to one sessions. This enables the sessions to be planned specifically around you and your needs considering your stage of pregnancy, current health and any non pregnancy related injuries you may have.

Pre natal Pilates with Lesley at Bodywise Derby helps you to:

  • Maintain good joint alignment and posture during pregnancy
  • Develop health pelvic floor and tummy muscles to support your growing baby
  • Develop confidence in active physical birthing skills and relaxation techniques
  • Gain an understanding of optimum foetal positioning for labour
  • Gain a sense of calm and well being for mother and baby

Post natal Pilates

It can take up to a year for the body to regain its pre pregnancy state. Relaxin can remain in the body for many months particularly if breast feeding Your post natal programme with incorporate exercises appropriate to your birth experience and level of recovery and fitness.

Post natal pilates helps you to:

  • Safely return to exercise in a supportive and relaxed environment
  • Prevent common post natal problems such and lower back/ pelvic pain, poor posture, neck and shoulder strain and continence issues
  • Tone abdominals, safely regain a flatter tummy and regain pelvic floor strength 
  • Promote a general sense of wellbeing to deal with the hormonal and lifestyle changes encountered.

Current guidelines support activity during pregnancy and post fatally for the benefits to both you and your baby. However there are some instances where exercise is contraindicated. Pilates is not a substitute for medical treatment and referral back to your GP/ midwife may be advised.