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Pre and post natal Pilates provide positive skills for pregnancy, birth and life with your new baby.

During pregnancy the hormone relaxin is released into the body enabling the ligaments and soft tissues to become more flexible and relaxed to accommodate the growing baby and prepare for birth. However, this can affect all joints making them potentially unstable and susceptible to injury, particularly in the lower back and pelvis. Pilates can safely address these changes through increased postural awareness, correct alignment and strengthening in the pre and post natal exercise programmes.

Pre natal Pilates with Lesley at Bodywise Derby helps you to:

  • Meet your specific exercise needs during pregnancy.
  • Maintain good joint alignment and posture during your pregnancy.
  • Develop healthy pelvic floor and tummy muscles to support your growing baby.
  • Develop confidence in active physical and psychological birthing skills.
  • Learn relaxation and breath control techniques for labour.
  • Gain an understanding of optimum foetal positioning for labour.
  • Gain a sense of calm and well being for mother and baby.

The benefits of pre natal Pilates can be best experienced with individual attention through 1 to 1 sessions. This enables the sessions to be specifically planned around you and your needs.

Before starting, you will need to complete a health questionnaire about you and your pregnancy, taking into account any non pregnancy related injuries or health issues which may affect your ability to exercise safely.

Current guidelines support activity and exercise during pregnancy for the benefits to both you and your baby. However, there are some instances where exercise is contraindicated during pregnancy, this will be discussed during your initial assessment.

Pilates is not a substitute for medical treatment and referral back to your Gp/ midwife may be advised.

Price - 121 Pilates cost £40 per hour.



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